Arnold Air Society

Arnold Air Society is an honorary, professional and service organization that works with Detachment 440, The University of Missouri and Silver Wings to better the Columbia area. Through community service and fundraising activities, AAS has supported such causes as Relay for Life, Walk to End Alzheimer's and local charities all around.

How do I join?

Arnold Air Society Candidacy is a program that emphasizes professionalism, academics, and pride in the Society. As a candidate, you are required to be active and engage in physical training, drill and ceremony practice, and community service. At the end of the program and after passing the National Test, candidates become full members of James P. Fleming Squadron.

The candidacy process is fun but challenging. As a class, you have to be willing to commit the time and effort necessary to join the society, You will form an identity alongside your candidate class that reflects outside of just AAS. The skills and leadership developed in Arnold Air Society assists you inside and outside of ROTC.


  • Meet all ROTC standards
  • Extra PT weekly
  • Drill and Ceremonies practice
  • Community Service Project
  • National and Squadron tests